Eyres 628-S1-GY Indulge Safety Sunglasses


Eyres Indulge 628-S1-GY is a trendy pair of medium impact safety glasses.  This one has a shiny black frame with a grey tinted medium impact lens. The frame is very stylish with wide sides and a large lens for excellent protection and field of view.  Order your new Eyres Indulge 628 safety glasses online.


Eyres 628-S1-GY Indulge, is an extremely stylish pair safety glasses.  You need to ask yourself why not have safety glasses, that look like sunnies and provide medium impact protection?  These slightly wrap-around safety sunglasses, have wide temples/side for increased protection.  From both flying debri and ultraviolet light damage.  They have adjustable nose pads – that are replaceable if they wear out.  Making these sunglasses super comfortable.

Order your new Eyres safety glasses online.


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