Eyres 628 RXS Indulge Prescription Safety Glasses


The Eyres Indulge 628 has made an excellent pair of non-prescription safety sunglasses, but now that SAI Global has approved them for certified medium impact prescription safety glasses.  They look much like standard sunglasses but have the benefit of being certified medium impact.  With standard single vision lenses included in the listed price, they will be clear, but if you want safety sunglasses, just add transition or polarised.  Order NOW!

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Order your Eyres Indulge 628Rx certified medium impact safety glasses online, TODAY!  This very stylish pair of safety glasses, look so much like sunglasses.  So much so that people aren’t going to think they are safety glasses at all.  They have wide sides for extra sun and impact protection.

The Eyres 628Rx Indulge come certified to Australian and international safety standards 1337.6 medium impact.

If you would like the lenses to be tinted like those pictured, just add one of the extras such as polarised or transition lenses.  Mirror coatings are also available.  The listed price includes single vision clear prescription lenses, shipping and certification.  Order your new Eyres 628 Rx Indulge certified safety glasses TODAY!

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