Eyres 605 Blockbusta Small Prescription Safety Glasses


The Eyres Blockbusta 605, are prescription safety eyeglasses frames that are available in two very different sizes. Therefore it is suitable for the petite and the larger head sizes, with medium size not catered for. It has excellent side protection and is very comfortable to wear.  These optical safety glasses suit the vast majority of prescriptions and lens types. This is the small sized frame size.

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The Eyres Blockbusta 605, prescription safety eyeglasses that is available in two very different sizes. It is therefore suitable for the petite and the larger head sizes, with the medium size not catered for. Manufactured from polycarbonate with only a metal screw, to attach the temples to the frame you can be confident that this frame doesn’t have any conductive surfaces touching the face. Which is vital for people dealing with electricity. This is the small sized.

The frame is not a wrap around design, with a low base curve to the front so nearly all prescriptions are suitable.  The low base curve means that the frame front it flat, making this an excellent choice for optical safety glasses.  The molded side shields provide excellent coverage to the eye and surrounding area.  The temple tips are adjustable in length for comfortable wear; the front of this plastic frame is flat which is great for higher prescriptions or people who have previously had problems with distortion in a wrap around design.

As an added bonus the Blockbusta frame, comes with an elastic strap.  The temples/arms can be removed and replaced with the included strap, turning them into a form of goggle.  Customers have found it easier to wear a strap under some of the ear muffs and helmets.  Extra elastic straps can also be purchased separately.  Buy your new safety glasses online – contact us if you need any assistance.

The listed price includes clear single vision prescription lenses, Eyres frame, safety certification and shipping world wide.

Available prescription range Sphere power 5.00 to -5.00 Cylinder -2.00.

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