Eyres 318 Global Safety Glasses Prescription


Price includes Single Vision Lens

Eyres 318 Global prescription safety glasses are a more traditional styled safety frame with a plastic front, that is available in two colours. A comfortable & stylish option for people who like spectacle styled pair of safety glasses. These Eyres safety specs comes with permenantly tinted side shields, reducing glare and making the frame more attractive.

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Type: mens and ladies combination plastic and stainless steel safety frame

The Eyres 318 Global is a medium impact pair of prescription safety glasses.  It is a more traditional styled safety frame, with a plastic front that is available in two colours.  A comfortable and stylish option for people who like traditional styled safety glasses.   This frame has the ability to have the temples bent behind the ears to aid the frame to stay in place.  The temple tips match the colour of frame front.

The plastic frame front is made of polycarbonate, for strength and durability.  And the temples are made of stainless steel for the same reason.  It should be noted that the side shields of this frame are permanently tinted, so side glare isn’t a problem as it can be in the frames with the clear side shields.  The tinted side shields also make this a very stylish pair of safety glasses.

The 318 global are an excellent choice for the majority of prescription lenses as it only has a 6 base curve front (which means it is pretty flat at the front like normal spectacles) unlike the wrap around styles.  You can chose to have bifocals, single vision lenses or progressive lenses fitted in this frame without concern.  It is also a great choice of safety glasses for women.

The listed price includes single vision medium impact certified prescription lenses and the Eyres Global 318 quality safety frame.  Along with shipping worldwide – so long as the destination is serviced by Australia post.

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