Eyres 313 Mine Safety Glasses


The Eyres 313 Mine is a cool wrap-around pair of safety glasses.  That is available in a variety of tints starting with a clear anti-fog lens, the smoke grey lens is also anti-fog, amber lens, also a light brown with a silver flash lens and ratcheted arm version with a shade 5 welding lens is available, but is more expensive.  The clear lens and the light brown lens Mine 313 are out of stock until next year.  Volume discounts are available on the other colours, contact us if you require a quote.



The Eyres 313 Mine is a very handy, pair of cheap safety glasses.  They are available in a wide variety of lens colours.  If you find that your safety glasses, need to have sides that can change elevation – in other words don’t go straight you can select the ratcheted side variety at a slightly higher cost than the standard frames.  The ratcheted sides come with a shade 5 welding lens only.  Order your new Eyres Mine safety glasses online TODAY!

313-OP-Am (amber lens)

313-OP-CLAF (clear anti-fog) OUT Of STOCK

313-OP-GYAF (grey anti-fog lens)

313-OP-IO (light brown lens) OUT OF STOCK

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