Eyres 307-M1-GY Cobra Safety Glasses


The Eyres 307-M1-GY Cobra is a pair of safety glasses with tinted grey wrap around lenses.  These cheap safety glasses look very like stylish sunglasses.  Why not have a pair of safety glasses that look cool and protect your vision!  For this price you can order a few spares.  Order your cheap Eyres Cobra safety glasses online NOW!



These cheap Eyres 307 Cobra safety glasses, look like sunglasses.  Why not have medium impact Eyres safety glasses, that look like cool sunglasses.  That way you have both UV and impact protection.

Also giving you the option of leaving them on your head.  So that way you are ready to go on the job site without changing glasses.

The 307 Cobra come with grey tinted lenses, perfect for people who need eye protection, while working outside in the sunlight.  These safety glasses are cheap and very stylish.

Why not order a few pairs, so you have some spare.  Order your cheap Eyres safety glasses online NOW!

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