Eyres 124-S1W-FS Benz Safety Sunglasses


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The Eyres Benz 124-S1W-FS medium impact safety sunglasses are stylish and provide excellent eye protection, with a stylish wrap around design and various colour combinations.  These cheap medium impact safety glasses, make excellent sunglasses.  The lens is tinted 85% grey, with silver flash lens.  Order your new safety sunglasses online NOW!

Out of stock


The Eyres 124 Benz is a cool, medium impact pair of safety sunglass.  These Eyres safety sunglasses have a wrap around lens design and are contoured into the face to protect the eye area.

The black and white frame doesn’t have foam, but does have a silver flash mirror.  While there are other frame colour options, with a foam seal for the dust protection.  These frames are more expensive and listed separately.  The black and red frame has the foam and the clear anti-fog lens.  While the plain black frame also has foam and a grey anti-fog lens.  They are the more expensive styles.

Eye safety was the priority, when these safety glasses were designed.   Appearance was also an important design factor.  Why not have sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection but also are medium impact safety glasses and look great.

These cheap safety glasses are not only stylish and provide excellent eye safety.  They are stylish enough to wear on the work site and away from work.  How many people would actually pick that the Eyres 124 Benz, are certified medium impact safety glasses?  Order your new safety sunglasses online NOW!

This frame has been discounted and the style discontinued, until it is sold out.  So if you love this model stock up as they won’t be around forever.


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