Ugly Fish Gladius Prescription Safety Glasses – Medium Size


Ugly Fish have brought out some cool metal framed safety glasses called Gladius.  This frame is available in gunmetal colour and 2 eye sizes (54 and 58mm) so the medium and larger heads are covered.  This frame is suitable for single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses.

The polarised lens option is not available for bifocal lens types.

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The C-safe Infinity safety glasses, have a rectangular lens shape and a wrap-around lens design.  They are also a non-conductive plastic frame option.  That have been designed to look very like normal sunglasses.

The Ugly Fish Gladius are a stylish metal frame that is available in 2 different sizes (eyesize 54 or 58mm). It is stylish and comfortable to wear and being transparent side shields protect your peripheral vision. This is the 54 eyesize Medium.  

They are light weight and comfortable to wear.  While having flexible grip temples, to hold them on your head. The listed price includes clear single vision prescription lenses, shipping and safety certification.  Order your new Ugly Fish Gladius prescription safety glasses online TODAY.

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