Bolle Rush Plus Contrast lens Safety Glasses


These Bolle Rush Plus ultra-light safety glasses come with contrast lenses.  Various temple colours are available and company branding is available on orders over 1200 .  Order your new Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses online today!


The Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses have the platinum coating on both sides of the lens.  This model has contrast lens options.  These ultra-light weight safety glasses come with adjustable nose pads for extra comfort.  Customisation is available on large orders (eg. over 1200 pairs).  The Contrast coating information:

A revolutionary coating system, this gradient lens offers improved long term eye comfort.
Designed to filter more than 30% of Blue light, which is a factor in eye fatigue and headaches. Offering excellent colour recognition while improving depth perception and contrast.
Developed for indoor use.

IMPROVED ACCURACY: Preserves colour recognition while improving your perception of depth and contrast.

HIGHER PROTECTION: Provides protection from impact and a barrier to light pollution (from sources such as neon and halogen lights).

LESS FATIGUE: Filters more than 30% of blue light which is a factor in headaches and visual fatigue (neon lights, computer screens etc…).

LESS EFFORT: Eliminates overheating of the cornea, a source of conjunctivitis, thanks to our unique UV absorbers and flash treatment.

GREATER COMFORT: May assist in reversing the ageing process in the crystalline lens, a source of cataracts, thanks to its unique heat reflection treatment.

Order your new Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses online TODAY!


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