Bolle Kover Prescription Safety Glasses


Positively sealed prescription safety goggles by Bolle. The Bolle Kover has a goggle-like seal, to keep debris and dust away from your eyes. Along with an adjustable elastic strap to hold them in place. Stylish and comfortable certified prescription Bolle safety glasses.

These are perfect for people that want to avoid anything going in their eyes as they are fully sealed and come with an adjustable strap to keep them tightly on your face. Order your new Bolle safety glasses online TODAY!

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Bolle prescription safety have created the Bolle Kover to have a goggle-like positive seal. It has a grey frame front and an adjustable elastic strap to keep them firmly on your head. Know that you are safe with the medium impact certified lenses and the positive seal to keep the dust away from your eyes.

This frame is suitable for prescriptions +/- 6.00 and -4.00D cylinder corrections. It is also suitable for single-vision, bifocal or progressive/nultifocal lenses. They can also be a transition (photochromatic), polarised or tinted lenses.

These are perfect for people working in the Refridgeration industry and want to keep the possibility of glass out of their eyes. Or anyone that wants a goggle like a seal (no air vents) to make sure they do not get any particles in their eyes. We would recommend that you choose an anti-fog coating with this frame as they will be more prone to fogging due to not having any vents.

Order your new certified Bolle prescription safety glasses online today.

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