Bolle Baxter Safety Glasses Clear/Smoke or CSP Lens


Bolle Baxter Safety Glasses have a stylish wrap-around design and a positive seal.  This means they are designed to keep you safe from splashes and debris falling into your eyes.  They come with a waterproof foam seal and an adjustable elastic strap.  There are 3 different lens options, clear, CSP, or smoke grey tinted lenses.


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The Bolle Baxter is the alternative to the Bolle Tracker 2, it is extremely comfortable due to its wrap-around frame.  It has a water-proof foam insert and an adjustable removable elastic strap.  These glasses were designed to keep the wearer safe from sprays of solids, dust, and liquid.  It is available in 3 different lens options.


Order your new Bolle Baxter online today.

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