ArmourRx Women Brown Prescription Safety Glasses


The ArmourRx ladies’ safety glasses prescription is a wrap-around pair of positively sealed safety glasses.  Are perfect for petite ladies faces and are available in 2 different colours.  Plum (purple) or brown and orange.  The listed price includes the frame, single vision lenses within a set range, certification and shipping. This is the brown coloured frame as pictured.


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New ladies’ safety glasses that are comfortable and stylish.  They have the appearance of a standard pair of trendy plastic frames but have clear attached side shields for extra protection.  They are available in 2 colours, full purple or a purple frosted orange frame.  As they have a flat frame front, they do not have any problems with distortion that people can experience with curved frames.

This is the brown coloured frame.

The lenses are certified to Australian and New Zealand standards of 1337.6 medium impact.  The listed price includes the safety frame, clear single vision prescription lenses (within a certain range), and shipping.

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