Did you know that you don’t need to put up with glare?  Sunglasses particularly polarised sunglasses can help.  Prescription sunglasses no longer need to be a spectacle frame with tinted lenses.  No, you can actually have comfortable, sporty wrap-around sunglasses, that actually look like normal sunglasses.

I should explain the differences between a normal tinted sunglass lens and a polarised one.  Other than the cost.  As the polarised lenses are always a bit more expensive.  A normal tinted sunglass lens has coloured added to the clear lens.  These colours include grey, brown, and green most commonly.  With respect to safety sunglasses, we are only able to organise a grey tint.

These tints are generally made to 80-85% colour, this relates directly to the amount of light that is blocked from going through the lens.  So the comfort of the wearer of these sunglasses comes from only 15-20% of the available light coming through the lens and into the eye.

Your visual comfort can be further improved by choosing to have a polarised sunglass lens.  These lenses are 85% grey-tinted all of the time.  But what sets the polarised lenses apart from the standard tinted sunglass lens, is how they work on reflected glare.  All of the reflected glare is reflected away from the polarised lens and doesn’t go in your eye.  Which makes this type of lens perfect for the glare sensitive amongst us.  It also improves the comfort of the wearer substantially.

Just so you are aware polarised lenses occasionally make it difficult to read LCD screens and can cause rainbow effects on mirrored tinted windows.  But as someone who has been wearing polarised lenses for more than the last 10 years, the benefits far outweigh any difficulties you might experience.

For those of you that can’t afford a separate pair of prescription sunglasses, you might want to think about transition/photochromatic lenses.  These lenses are clear inside but change to tinted lenses outside, with UV light hitting the lenses.  Please note that while they have UV protection 100% of the time.  They will not always have tint (or colour) in the lenses when you might wish them to.  Such as in your car.  You have a UV shield in your windscreen, which inhibits the transition lens from working.  Therefore the Transition lens will never be as dark as a separate pair of sunglasses in the car.

Something else you might be interested to know.  You can have mirror coatings added to your safety glasses.  Particularly the Eyres range, but please bear in mind that if you have a mirror coating added the safety glasses are no longer certified they become compliant.

Here is the link to our prescription safety frame range and you just need to select either the tint, transition, or polarised lens option to make the safety glasses sunglasses.  safetyglassesonline.com.au/…/prescription-safety-glasses