Prescription Safety glasses no longer need to be ugly.

When I mention prescription safety glasses, what picture comes into your mind?  I bet for the majority of people they are imagining double bridged aviators frames with attached side shields that are incredibly attractive and comfortable – NOT.  This style was about all that was available historically and in some Optometrist all that is available now.  While they are still available, there are so many new options regarding style and type that there is sure to be something that will suit you.


One of the most popular sellers is the Matador Mojo which is a plastic wrap-around sporting looking style of frame with a detachable gasket and strap.  It is even has the benefit of being positively sealed which can be a necessity in certain fields.  There are so many styles available, that look like sunglasses and are so much more comfortable to wear than the older metal frames with the nose pads.


The benefit of the plastic frames include the fact that they spread the weight across your whole bridge (nose) rather than just placing the weight on 2 spots either side of your nose.  They can also be lighter and have more curve in the frame front, so that fit closer into your face.  Making it less likely that something will bounce up under your frame.


With over 70 different styles of safety frames and nearly all being medium impact certified AS NZ 1377.6.  There is sure to be one that will suit both your prescription and face shape.  The best way to go about it, is to match the measurements on your current spectacles (if they fit comfortably).  As that will give you an idea as to how the glasses will fit on your head.  The overall width should be a similar measurement to your current glasses or they will sit to tightly or too loose.


I believe that we have a large enough range so that everyone can find something that they are happy with.  Also a complete pair of medium impact certified single vision prescription glasses starting at $169 including shipping. You no longer have the excuse that they are too expensive or you can’t find anything that fits and looks stylish.

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