There are so many different coatings to choose from these days, that choosing the right one for your needs can be quite confusing.  Most people understand the need for a hard-coating which is standard on plastic lenses.  To try and prevent them from being scratched.  You do not need to select this coating on any of our prescription lenses, as it comes standard.

You might be wondering why you would need any other coatings, if scratching the lenses has been taken care of.

For those of you that are short sighted otherwise known as myopic, you need to consider getting an anti-reflective coating.  The reason being that you see rings around lights without it.

Astigmats (people with astigmatism) you also need the ant-reflective coating as otherwise you get a whole staring effect around lights.

There are mirror coatings available on some of the range – but please note that if you need certified medium impact.  Mirror coatings are not for you as they are only compliant with the coating.

There are now anti-fog and blue-blocking anti-reflective coatings available on some of the range.  Anti-fog can speak for itself and is available on PSG and Eyres products though not the whole range.  Which the Blue-blocking multi-coat is a bit harder to access.  If you would like the blue-blocking multicoated lenses then just mention that in the notes on your order.  You will need to select the multi-coat/anti-reflective coating from the extras and if the blue blocking version is available we can order that for you.