Positively Sealed Prescription Safety Glasses

For anyone that needs to keep the dust/spray or dirt out of their eyes while wearing prescription safety glasses, then the positively sealed safety glasses are the right choice for you.  To be a positively sealed safety frame they need to have a gasket, that forms a seal between your face and the frame, much like swimming goggles.  Some of the gaskets make better seals than others, as many of the gaskets have gaps to try and prevent fogging of the lenses.

To make finding the positively sealed safety glasses easier, we thought we would make you a list as of today we have 12 different styles of positively sealed prescription safety glasses for you to choose from:

These are all of the positively sealed prescription safety frames that we have available today:

Onguard 220FS (full seal) with a gasket seal much like your swimming goggles

Matador Mojo

Matador Rio

Eyres 724Rx

Eyres 702WF

Jack Armour Trifecta

PSG Blaydz

PSG Johno

PSG Zion

PSG Storm


Ugly Fish Cannon

It should be noted that many of the gaskets are removable and replaceable.  Many if not all of these frames come with adjustable elastic straps, to help keep the glasses in position.  Some even come with the side that clicks out like the Mojo and Storm to be replaced by the clicking adjustable elastic strap.

It is worth thinking about adding an anti-fog coating.  Which are available on many of the prescription safety frames available at the moment.  It is certainly something worth thinking about, especially if it means that your lenses stay clearer for longer.

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