Ordering Prescription Safety Glasses

Ordering prescription safety glasses couldn’t be simpler.  You just need a copy of your optical prescription and to choose a suitable prescription safety frame.  They are easy to find in the prescription safety section of the website.  Each of the prescription safety glasses has the dimensions listed in the additional information tab on the display page for the individual safety frame.  There is also a section to add your prescription and lens options details.  Then you add your selection to the shopping cart and upload a copy of your prescription.

Please note that if you select standard safety glasses and upload your prescription your standard safety glasses will not become prescription safety glasses.  These frames are not made for prescription safety lenses to be fitted and are generally a fraction of the price of prescription safety glasses.

Safety Glasses Online is an Australian owned and operated business, who uses Australian laboratories to have our prescription safety glasses made.  We have endeavored to make our prescription safety glasses affordable as possible and they are all supplied certified.



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