Notification of Eyres Pricing Increase June 2015

This is a quick notification regarding Eyres safety glasses products pricing.  I received notification yesterday that the pricing of Eyres products would increase as of June 2015.  This price rise was reputed to be the result of the fluctuating Australian Dollar and increased production costs.  They have also increased the cost of freight quite dramatically. 


It follows that we will have to increase our pricing for the Eyres products as of June 2015.  So anyone that has had their eye on a particular Eyres product it would be prudent to get your orders in before the price rise.


We apologize in advance as we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing but unfortunately this price rise is out of out control.  Looking at the pricing that is to come we will have to cover costs by increasing pricing dramatically in some products, as some of the products have doubled in price.

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