Nose pads – an easy DIY project.

Nose pads – one of the easiest do it your self jobs.


For those of you that have worn glasses standard prescription or prescription safety.  It is likely that you have had to replace your nose pads.  I liken nose pads to tyres on your car – they wear out and need to be replaced.  Depending on the environment you are wearing them in they may wear out quite quickly. 


An example of an environment that tends to destroy rubber on frames is hot humid climates and work environments.  It is an annoying probability that you will need to replace your nose pads during the life of your prescription safety glasses.


For the majority of the styles from Eyres and Matador this just requires undoing a couple of small screws and replacing the damaged nose pads with a set of new ones and putting the tiny screw back where they came from.  Undoing the screw and replacing it is the only difficult part as the screw is small and for people that are visually challenged that can be a bit tricky.  My advice would be to where your reading glasses while perform this activity.


The other difficulty could be having a screwdriver small enough to work on the screw as normal sized screwdrivers are much too large. 


For those of you that don’t wish to be caught out with an uncomfortable pair of safety glasses while waiting for the new nose pad to turn up.  I would advise ordering a couple of spare pairs when ordering your next pair of prescription safety glasses.

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