News from Eyres regarding Prescription Safety Frame availability.

Eyres news, these prescription safety glasses frames are out of stock until January next year.

Optix 170-MT-DL

Optix 172-MT-DL52

Optix 181-MT-DL52

Foreman 308-CS-DL

Razor 708-CS-DL

There is low stock of the following prescription safety frames, all models new stock is expected January 2019 except the 2 models mentioned that have November 2019 as their expected arrival:

Bercy 150Rx-S13-DL

Plasma 624-D1-DL

Razor 708-C8-DL

Transformer 803-GM-DL

Gullwing semi-rimless 950Rx-M1-DL

Gullwing 950Rx-M1-6BDL new Stock November 2019

Gullwing 950Rx-M1-8BDL

953Rx-S1W-DL  new stock November 2019

So long story short, don’t sit on laurels.  Get your order in as soon as you have your prescription.

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