We are happy to announce some new Uvex models have been released.  The 3 new styles are the 9193 Sportstyle, the 9194 i-works and the u-sonic safety goggle.  The Uvex 9193 Sportstyle is a very light weight (23g), wrap around pair of very comfortable safety glasses with a medium impact lens.  There are many lens options available with this model to cover any situation you might require.  The different lens coatings available also include: basic hard coat HC3000, anti-fog THS lens coating.


The 9194 i-works are now a low cost high quality option.  They have 4 models 2 clear and 2 with grey tinted lenses.  One of each lens colour is available with the hard and the other with the famous anti-fog THS coating.


The U-Sonic safety goggles are available with the hard and anti-fog coatings.  Different venting options are also available, with clear or grey lenses.


The most exciting news though is that the i-3 super comfortable and adjustable safety glasses are now available with a +1.00 or a +2.00 magnification segment.


Uvex is a German protective equipment company and their safety glasses are still manufactured in Germany.  Which means that you can count on them to be of exceptional quality.  Uvex do a lot of research into wearer comfortable and style.  When you purchase Uvex safety glasses you get the benefits of this research.


On a sad note the the Uvex Variomatic (photo chromatic) safety glasses have been discontinued.  We will keep you posted if they bring out a replacement photo-chromatic model.