NEVA anti-reflective, blue filter and UV coatings for prescription safety glasses.

We are really excited about the new NEVA coatings available on PSG products

PSG have brought out three new lens coatings called NEVA, that have the same use but different properties.  They are only available for their range of prescription safety glasses. (So will be available in the drop down menu on any of their frames that we sell) Their main point of difference is UV protection, their are different levels for each of the coating.  Along with the anti-reflective coating also being on the back of the lens surface, along with an extra layer of hard coat.  Making these lenses harder to scratch and smudge.  Which should ensure more comfortable viewing for a longer period of time.

The new coatings are called the Neva +, Neva UV and the Neva Blue coatings.

The Neva + coating improves wearer comfort while also reducing reflections and repelling water and oil from the lenses.  Which makes the lenses easier to see through and harder to smudge.  This coating replaces their standard multi-coat as it also has the back surface anti-reflective coating.

The Neva Max UV has a ESP 25 rating, it was designed for people who mainly work inside.  Who are bothered by reflections and would like the dust and smudges repelled from their lenses.  So this anti-reflective coating has a higher UV protection rating compared to the Neva +.

The Neva Max Blue UV on the other hand, provides superior UV light protection with an ESP 35 rating and also superior blue light blocking.  It is an anti-reflective coating with added filters for both UV and blue light.  Making these very comfortable lenses to look through.  It still has the anti-static and anti-smudge components of the other Neva lenses but also that higher UV protection.

The reduction in exposure to blue light is supposed to decrease wearers eyestrain should they need to use digital devices regularly.

So why do you need to block UV light?  It is important to block UV light as the chronic exposure to UV light from the sun causing cataracts, damage to the skin including wrinkles and skin/eye cancers.

The cost of the Neva coatings increases as the UV rating goes up:

The Neva + anti-reflective coating is $70

Neva Max UV $90

Neva Max Blue UV $100

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