Need some help making a New Years Resolution?

Starting a new year we are influenced to make resolutions on what to change or improve in ourselves for the year ahead.  Most commonly people aim to do more exercise and lose weight.  Others may aim to spend more quality time with their families.  Further people may aim to pay down a credit card debt.  While all of these aims are very worthwhile and hopefully achievable, I would like you to consider thinking about your eye protection.  Is it adequate?  Is it appropriate and is it in good repair?


If you answer no to any of these questions then I think you should consider making your eye safety one of your resolutions for the year ahead.  It is all well and good to think that something won’t happen to you or you’re invincible.  Certain eye injuries cannot be repaired and the loss of vision can be permanent.  For the cost of a pair of safety glasses do you really want to take the risk?


Good condition: implies that the lenses are clear and free from scratches.  They also need to help your vision if needed.  For example there is no point having non-prescription safety glasses if you can’t see clearly without your spectacles. 


There are safety glasses that you can wear over your prescription glasses – these are helpful for very occasional wear, but not a good solution if you have to wear safety glasses constantly for your job; then your need proper certified prescription safety glasses.  There are loads of frames and lens options available for medium impact certified safety glasses these days, some of them are even stylish. 


Adequate protection means that you are wearing a positive seal or safety goggles when there is dust or debri in the air.  Not just standard safety glasses.  There is also the level of impact protection to be considered.  If you are required to wear medium impact safety glasses, are you actually wearing medium impact or are you getting by with low impact?  Is that a risk you are willing to take with your eye-sight?


Appropriate related to the standard the lens tint or lack of, and fit.  Are you wearing sunglass-tinted lenses inside a building?  Or clear outside in the middle of the day?  There are so many lens tint and coating options that it should be easy to have the correct pair.  Please think about comfort and fit, along with the lens options when ordering you new safety glasses.


Long story short it is always better to have some eye protection than none.  Please protect your vision.



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