Making a spectacle of yourself? Why not order stylish prescription safety specs

Prescription safety eyewear – why does society expect safety glasses to be bulky uncomfortable and ugly?  This may have been true into the 1990’s but it certainly isn’t the case anymore.


Today certified prescription safety glasses can look like sunglasses and have polarized lenses, bifocal or multifocal/progressive prescription lenses.  Mirror coatings and transition lenses are also available. 


Why put up with the double-bridged aviator safety frame, if you don’t want too.  You can have the more wrap-around sporty styles in plastic or metal safety frames.


All of the prescription safety eyeglasses listed on Safety Glasses Online conform to AS/NZ1337.6 safety certification as accredited by SAI Global medium impact unless stated otherwise.


The best advice we can give is to find a style that is both comfortable and provides amble eye protection for both your eye and eye socket area.  The frame needs to come down your cheek a little, so that the lens is large enough to cover your eye area.  As I am sure you all understand the whole point to wearing safety glasses is to protect your vision.


Now that you know that you can have both stylish and comfortable safety glasses.  We need to reiterate that you can have most of the extras that you currently have in your standard prescription spectacles.  Such as anti-reflective coatings, transition/photochromatic lenses, or polarized sunglasses lenses.  Anti-fog and mirrored coatings are also available with certain lens types.


Why not order your new prescription safety glasses online.  Our range is extensive, with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

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