The magnifying –bifocal safety glasses have to be one of our most popular products we receive calls daily asking if we sell them and where do people find them.


We are proud to sell the Eyres 312 and 103 magnifying bifocal safety glass, the first one of its kind to be certified by SAI Global.  These very useful safety glasses come in clear or light blue or grey tint depending on the style.


I should explain that being a bifocal style pair of safety glasses the top part of the lens is clear, so that you can look in the distance and still see (this you can’t do through your reading prescription). The segment with the magnifying portion- being on the lower part of the lens is out of the way when walking around.


These ready-made bifocal safety glasses are also available in a variety of different magnifications ranging from +1.00 to +3.00 in the 312’s and +1.50 – +2.50 in the Eyres 103’s.  Therefore you are sure to be able to find the one that suits.


It should be noted that they are not a replacement for prescription safety glasses, but they are very handy to have around and much cheaper than the prescription safety glasses.


All of the customers that I have spoken to love this safety glasses and buy them repeatedly, by the box full.  (There are 12 in a box).


Some of the tasks that customers have used these for are carpentry, furniture manufacture, and food processing, mining, building and home maintenance, of course this is not a complete list but it may give you some ideas.