Magnifying bifocal safety glasses – if you are over 40 and starting to have a bit of difficulty reading without reading glasses and you need medium impact safety glasses then these might be the answer you have been waiting for.

If you are wondering what a magnifying bifocal is.  I am sure you are not alone.  Basically these are safety glasses that have a segment in the bottom of the lens that enables magnification (of various powers) to be used to make things easier to read.  Very much like the magnifiers (cheap reading glasses) you can but at the chemist or $2 shop.  But the magnification is only located in a small segment of the lens, enabling you to still see in the distance and walk around without problem.  It should be noted that these safety glasses are not a replacement for prescription safety glasses, but a very handy inexpensive option, if you do not have a distance prescription.

The quality safety brands of Eyres, Uvex and Bolle, all have different designed safety glasses and models of magnifying bifocals, with different magnification ranges and lens tint options.

To keep it simple Eyres have a model called 312Rx has the +1.00 to +3.00 magnification range in +0.50 steps and is available in clear of light blue lens options.  The bridge is solid plastic, like sunglasses and has a wider side.  This design is really popular for truck drivers and pilots in the light blue lens.

The Eyres 103 model has a small magnification range from +1.50 to +2.50 in +0.50 steps.  This model also has the full plastic bridge and narrower sides and available in clear or grey sunglasses tinted lenses.  This model is incredibly popular with farmers, pilots, construction and mining.

The Bolle IRI-S Diopter is only available in clear lenses and has a large magnification range from the +1.00 to +3.00 in the +0.50 steps and has soft flexible notepads making them much more comfortable to wear.  

The Uvex 6108 I-3 magnifying bifocal is seriously special.  It is the only style that has a blended bifocal so that you can’t actually see the line making the top of the bifocal segment.  From the front the lenses just look the same as every other pair of clear safety glasses.  The design of these safety glasses is very clever with flexible/adjustable nose pads and adjustable temples for maximum comfort.  These safety glasses are only available with clear lenses and has a magnification options of +1.00 or +2.00.

Magnifying bifocals are so handy and many are inexpensive so they are perfect to have in the tool box, out in the shed, in the door of the ute or onsite.