Are you over 40 and wear reading glasses?  But have to wear safety glasses for work?  If so then magnifying bifocals are a economical solution.  As they have magnification segment to aid reading and are medium impact safety glasses for eye protection.

At Safety Glasses Online we have four different types of magnifying bifocals available.   From three leading safety eyewear brands including Eyres, Bolle and Uvex.

Eyres have the both the 312Rx and the 103 models of magnifying bifocals.  The 312Rx is available with clear or light blue lenses and a magnification range from +1.00 to +3.00 in the bifocal segment.  The 103 model is available in clear or grey lenses with the magnification range from +1.50 to +2.50.

Bolle has the IRI-S Diopter, available with clear lenses and the magnification range of +1.50 to +3.00.  While Uvex has a blended bifocal segment that you can not see (the line of the bifocal segment is blended in).  These safety glasses are fully adjustable at the temples and the bridge over your nose.

Our magnifying bifocal safety glasses start from $14.25 for either of the two Eyres styles.  Please note that we recommend prescription safety glasses for the best clarity.