Magnetic Safety Glasses

Recently, I had a customer ask after magnetic safety glasses.  After clearing up the fact they won’t expecting the safety glasses themselves to be magnetic and rather have enough metal in the frame to be found by a magnet during a manufacturing process.  The question got me thinking about how clever work places are to have those safety measures in place to protect the consumer and themselves.

So not only do they have the mandatory eye protection in the form of safety glasses, they also have measures in place to track them if they happen to fall into the machinery.  I began to ponder all of the various manufacturing avenues that could benefit from this sort of fail-safe measure.  The most obvious area of manufacturing to benefit from these type of safety glasses was food manufacturing.  I can imagine that all areas of food production would benefit from the use of metal safety glasses for the ability of being able to find them and any other metal debris with a magnet.

I am sure there are many other applications that would benefit from upgrading the standard plastic safety glasses to a pair of metal safety glasses.  It is certainly worth considering the cost to benefit ratio of your particular safety glasses choice and whether it is the best option for your workplace.  There are many types of non-prescription and prescription safety glasses available these days and it is certainly worth a few minutes thought about what is the best option for you.

For example people that work with electricity should have no conducting parts (metal) in their safety glasses.  Therefore they should stick to a plastic framed pair of safety glasses.

Another example includes warm work places using safety glasses that have enough air circulating around the frame so that they do not fog up.  Be aware that if your safety glasses are too close to your cheeks and forehead (which is great for eye protection) but not good for keeping the lenses clear in a humid environment.  Anti-fog coatings are available on certain frames.

An example of magnetic safety glasses is the Eyres 302 Active.  This non prescription safety frame is available with both clear and grey tinted lenses.  Within the prescription range there are many more options for frames containing metal an example of a very cheap pair of prescription safety glasses is the Cummings Optical 108.

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