Low or medium impact safety glasses? Which do you need?

On different work sites there are different requirements for eye protection.  Most medical situations for example – with the exception of surgeries cutting bone only need low impact lenses in their safety glasses.  Some of the safety frames may only be low impact due to the large wrap-around lens of the depth of the frame may not be deep enough, to be classified as medium impact.


Medium impact is needed on construction and mining sites, along with manufacturing.  Just to name a few.


Just for interest if your job needs high impact protection.  Then you should know that, high impact requirement means that your need to be wearing medium impact safety glasses that are worn under a full-face shield. 


Firstly, you need to know what you are required to be wearing for work (your safety officer should be able to help you there).  But if you are choosing to wear safety glasses yourself, as you value your eyesight, think about the tasks you need or want to do and then extrapolate what is going to work the best for you.


For example if you like mowing but hate the dust then you need to thing about safety goggles or safety glasses with a positive seal.  Some of the prescription safety glasses have the option of a removable gasket – which means that you can change your safety glasses from standard to positive sealed with just a few clicks.


We can also help with advice if needed.  The most important thing is to think about your eye safety and make sure they are properly protected.

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