If you are worried about the Corona virus, you are not alone.  The information from the government has been patchy at best.

According to Dr Norman Swan who speaks on ABC radio Coronacast radio show.  We need to be washing our hands, not touching our face, avoiding all gatherings and unnecessary outings.

We need to have Mass isolation implemented, to make a difference in the spread rate. (Or as we are now hearing – to flatten the curve of virus infection rate.  So that our health care system can cope).

Elderly people and those with other health issues, including respiratory problems, suppressed or impaired immune systems, should really already be in isolation at home.

The reality is that people that are unwell, should stay at home.  We were also told to expect the symptoms to worsen after the first week.

So what can we do?  As workers, parents, friends and family members?  As there has been no clear direction, I think much confusion has resulted.

I was under the impression hat this virus has symptoms like the flu and everyone other than the unwell or elderly, would be fine.  That is simply not the case, many young healthy people in Italy have been dying from this disease.

So here are the measures that my children’s school and I as an individual have undertaken.  By no means is this the only way forward.  You need to do what is right for you and your family.  But please bear in mind, that there are people out there that you could infect should you not follow self isolation procedures.  They have loved ones that care about them too.

My children’s school has cancelled the cross country, school camps, all large group gathers and advised that they would like to limit people entering the campus.  So, I think it would be smart for all parents to use pick and drop-off options getting the children too and from school.

Their school has also implemented the option for online classes should the school get closed.  They have also increased the cleaning regimes and installed hand sanitising stations in every classroom.

You can catch the virus from contact to a surface, water droplets in the air from person with the virus.  I have been told that it is thought that the virus can live on a metal surface for up to 9 days.  So for those of you that share vehicles or machinery, it would be worth implementing a wipe down procedure after use, with an alcohol wipe over 70%.

The main thrust of the message as I understand it is that we should stay home as much as possible.  As that will slow the transmission rate dramatically.  The flow on effect of us staying home to the economy could be quite dire.

I am concerned about small businesses, surviving this pandemic.  As the majority of people will not be going out to restaurants, holidaying, shopping for anything other than groceries.

To do my bit, I am going to be buying my groceries from the little guys as much as I can.  My local butcher, the fruit shop and grocery store.  The hard truth is without customers many of the businesses will close and their staff will be out of work.

I am also buying from small Australian businesses online.  As shopping online is safe and your purchases come straight to your home.

Please note that you can buy your eye protection online, so that you can complete your DIY tasks or do some welding in your shed, while you are isolated.  You even buy prescription safety, sunglasses, swimming goggles or radiation glasses for your work in the hospital.  It is all possible online, from the safety and comfort of your home.

Our staff work remotely and our suppliers are located in Australia and prescription safety glasses are made here.  So our business will remain open, unless we are all infected at the same time and are unable to work.

Please remember to be kind during these uncertain times as we are all in the same boat and a smile might just make someones day.

Sending you our thoughts and prayers, from Safety Glasses Online.