Inverted bifocals or trifocal lenses in prescriptionsafety glasses

Have you ever wanted your bifocals or trifocals to be fitted in you glasses upside down?  Making the reading segment at the top of the lens in front of your eyes?  Well, if this is you, then you will be really happy to know that this is actually available in certain prescription safety glasses.  Two of our labs have the ability to do this.  So if this is something you would like then select bifocal from the drop down menu and make a note in the prescription notes that you would like the bifocals inverted.  Please select a PSG or Rx safety frame as these are the labs that can compete these lenses.


These upside down bifocal safety glasses are perfect for mechanics working under cars to be able to see up close without having to move the frame to get to the reading section.  This lens is also handy for sighting while shooting, as the near vision bifocal is infant of your eyes.

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