Into DIY? Why you should think about eye safety.

Are you a home handy person?  Do you like doing a bit of building or renovation?  What about painting or mechanical stuff?

The reason I ask, is that many of our daily tasks can cause serious eye injuries.   As many don’t give a second thought to eye safety.  I think this is due in part to a task becoming routine and we no longer think about the steps involved.

Much like after first learning to drive a car and it becoming a subconscious process, knowing which gear to select when driving, pressing the brake pedal when stopping and turning the steering wheel to turn a corner for example.

The other reason that I think that we don’t think about our eyes is that in general most of us don’t think about the safety issues of a task before we perform them.  The reasoning behind this thought is that these days we are so focused on getting the task done as we are time poor that anything that would slow us down isn’t even considered and the other reason is the complete oblivious nature of the human condition to eye injuries.

I would ask you to consider for a moment how having  your  vision damaged would affect your daily life. Then ask yourself  to consider the task you are about to perform and assess if eye protection is necessary. Most of the time it really is.

Examples of tasks that can cause serious eye injuries include construction, welding, sawing, grinding, spraying paint or other chemicals, using a hammer and gardening  just to name a few.  There are many activities which could  cause various types of eye injuries.  

The point to this article is to ask you to consider wearing eye protection for the task you are about to perform.  Is it necessary? Or are you happy to gamble with your eye sight?

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