Instructions on how to order Prescription Safety Glasses Online

How to order Prescription Safety Glasses Online

  1. Get your prescription

    Firstly you need a current prescription.  For a prescription to be current it needs to be less than 2 years old.  But we advise your prescription to be less than 12 months old and if you think your vision has changed since seeing the Optometrist, we advise you go have have your eyes tested again.

  2. Choose your safety frame.

    Secondly you need to choose which frame you would like to have your prescription lenses fitted into.  We have made this easier by adding additional information regarding frame sizes and uses.  You need to know your job requirements for eye protection.  For example do you need them to be positively sealed?  Or are you working with electricity?  For those working with electricity you need to choose a non-conductive frame.  (which means that the frame doesn’t conduct electricity)  There are many more specifications that can impact your frame selection, so talk to your OHS supervisor prior to ordering.

    All of our prescription safety glasses come certified to medium impact AS/NZs 1337.6, unless otherwise stated.

    Should your prescription be over +/-6.00 DS, then none of the standard prescription safety frames will be suitable.  You will need to choose something with an insert and email to get a quote to have the lenses fitted.  Alternatively you can purchase the frame with the insert and take it to your local Optometrist.

    There is also a disclaimer that comes up while placing an order to remind you to email us a copy of your prescription.  That way we can double check that you have inputted your prescription correctly.  This is due to the fact that once the safety glasses are underway we can not change the prescription and we have to start from scratch again.

    The next step after choosing your frame is to choose what colour or size you would like.  Then you need to choose which type of lenses will best suit your prescription and tasks you need to perform. Ugly Fish Twister prescription safety glasses

  3. Choose your lens type

    The options include single vision lenses, bifocal lenses or progressive/multifocal lenses.  Single vision lenses are the most common and easiest to use, they have one single prescription for the whole lens.  They can be ordered as either distance or reading or in the lucky few (you can do both).

    Unfortunately after presbyopia sets in (Presbyopia is the eye condition that results in needing reading glasses to be able to see near clearly and generally happens after the age of 40).  Single vision lenses with your near prescription when you have presbyopia, will enable you to read and see things clearly up close (with a range of clear vision of approximately 20cm).  But you will not be able to walk around in these glasses, as everything over say 40cm away will be blurry.

    Bifocals are lenses that enable you to have both the distance and reading clear in the one lens.  But it has a letter D shaped segment around the reading area on its side.  There is nothing within these lenses to enable clear vision for intermediate viewing (say computer or dash board distance.)

    Progressive/multifocal lenses alternatively have every distance covered, as they have 3 different prescriptions ground into the back of the lenses.  But the trade off of this is that the lenses do not allow peripheral clarity.  In other words peripheral vision can be distorted or blurry and you have corridors of clear vision.  so you need to turn your head to keep this area in front of your eyes.

    Within the progressive lens type there is a subsection that is brilliant for people that work at a desk and need a bit further range than standard reading glasses.  This type of lens is called an occupational progressive lens and it is available for many of the frame styles.  The main difference between the occupational progressive lens and that of a standard progressive lens is that the intermediate prescription (the one that is clear for the computer) is in front of your eyes in resting position, in the occupational progressive lens.  They also have a stronger reading segment further down the lens.  But they do not have a distance correction, so you can not walk around in them.

  4. Choose your lens extras

    After you have the lens type selected (bearing in mind that we can always help you understand and explain your  prescription).  You need to select any lens extras or coatings you might like.  For example you might like your safety glasses to be tinted all of the time – like sunglasses.  For this to happen you need to select either polarised or tinted options.  If you are wanted your lenses to change colour to be tinted outside then you need to select the Transition/Photo-chromatic option.

  5. Choose your lens coatings

    As for lens coatings, there are mirror coatings, anti-reflective coatings or anti-fog coatings available.  But you can only choose one and they may not be compatible with the lens option you have chosen.  For example transition/photo-chromatic doesn’t work as effectively under a mirror coating.  While Transition lenses actually change colour more rapidly with an anti-reflective coating.

    Anti-Reflective coatings are also great for helping remove reflected images while night driving or working under fluorescent light.

    Anti-fog coatings are helpful in preventing lenses for fogging up in humid conditions.

  6. Input your prescription details

    Once you have made your selections then you need to input your prescription.  Starting with the Right eye Sphere power (generally these are within +/-4.00, we can fit lenses up to +/-6.00 in some of the frames.  So type the number in and please bear in mind that plano is 0.00 and we will double check your prescription against the paper copy before we get your safety glasses underway.

  7. Check out

    Go to the shopping cart and input your details and payment information.

  8. Wait patiently

    After placing your order for prescription safety glasses online. Your prescription safety glasses will take between 10 and 21 days to be manufactured. Depending on the frame and lens selection. Then we have to check your order and ship them out via Australia post. We endeavour to get them to you as rapidly as possible.

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