If you love the water, then you need polarised sunglasses.

Do you love boating or fishing?  If you love being out on the water then sunglasses particularly polarised sunglasses are a necessity.  The reason being that water is such a reflective surface that the glare off it can sunburn your eyes (yes, you have sunburn the front of your eyes).  By wearing sunglasses, you are protecting both the front and the inside of your eyes from ultra-violet (UV) damage.  

UV damage is known to cause cataracts later in life. It has been linked to eye cancers and the eye diseases of glaucoma and macular degeneration.  By wearing sunglasses that meet Australian Standards you are stopping those harmful UV rays from hitting your eyes.  It also makes it more comfortable to be out on the water.

Polarised lenses will be familiar to most fisherman as they use them to see into the water.  The lenses allow the wearer to see into the water, by cutting the reflections off the surface.  This ability to cut glare is handy when driving in the middle of the day, on the beach, or skiing.  Any of these high glare situations can be so uncomfortable for our eyes.  Why not do something about it.  

We have both medium and low impact polarised sunglasses and even a few that can float in water.

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