How do you choose the right safety goggles for you?

I spoke to a fellow earlier this week as he was trying to determine which set of safety goggles are the right option for him.  He was after a completely sealed option with anti-fog coating.  I mentioned that you need to consider the lack of airflow around the lens, as can cause fogging of the lenses.  Therefore, choosing a pair of safety goggles with an anti-fog coating can be very important.


There are so many different styles of safety goggles with some having lower profiles than others.  Other styles such as the Bolle Vapour Duo for example have 2 lenses and the front one of them can be replaced should it get scratched making your safety goggles last much longer.


Another consideration involves whether to include venting and if it needs to be indirect and if so top or bottom venting would be a better option.  Or a completely sealed option – for those working in conditions that have virus particles in the air.


Personally, I prefer the low-profile safety goggles as they don’t stick out very far from your face.  Therefore they are less likely to get knocked on the edges of things and enable you to fit into smaller spaces, with anti-fog coating and indirect venting.  Such as the Bolle Blast and Vapour safety goggles for example.  There are so many styles within each of these models ranging from the basic through to the premium version – the premium version has the anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.


Did you know that for some of the safety goggle models, you can even purchase prescription inserts? That you can have your prescription fitted into?  Thereby making your safety goggles prescription safety goggles that are fully sealed to protect your eyes against particles, dust, and viruses.  This is even more important in the current environment as you can catch viruses through exposure to your eyes.


We want you to stay safe during these uncertain times.


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