How do I order Safety Glasses Online

How do I order safety glasses online?

Ordering your new safety glasses through Safety Glasses Online couldn’t be easier.  Firstly, if you are ordering prescription safety glasses you will need a recent prescription (within the last 12 months) – so visit your local optometrist if necessary.

Then you need to browse the extensive range of certified safety glasses to find the pair that suits you and your requirements.  We have included pricing, gender and brand guides to give you a place to start.  Once you have selected your new frame style you need to choose the lens options.  If you get stuck; for example  you don’t know what your prescription means and have no idea whether you need single vision, bifocals, or progressive/multifocal lenses – you need to visit our lens information page.  If you still have no idea email or fax us your prescription and we will advise you of your options.

If you are really stuck and don’t know your way around the computer.  Don’t worry we have a fax order form or you can alternatively have one of our helpful staff walk you through each step over the phone.

So you have selected single vision (which is no extra cost) for example, then you have the option of making them polarized, transition (photo-chromatic) and of having extra coatings.  If you are just after the bog standard simple clear pair of safety glasses then you select no extras and be on your way to loading in your prescription details and ticking off the T&C’s.

Once you have completed your order, and payment is received (Shipping is no extra charge for orders over $150 Australian), we will get your glasses underway and for the majority of orders we will dispatch them to your postal address within 10 working days.

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