Progressive lenses are also known as multifocal or varifocal lenses, they all have three different prescriptions ground into the lenses and have no lines on the lenses.  For a first time wearer of progressive lenses they can be a bit tricky.  There are a few simple cues to help you to remember how they work.  Firstly if your vision isn’t clear then either your prescription is incorrect or more likely you aren’t looking through the correct section of the lens.  For the distance you are viewing, anything over three meters you need to be using the top part of the lens.  You will note that if you move your eyes too far off center then your vision will be blurry.  Peripheral (or side) vision distortion was the trade off these lenses have made not to have segment lines like bifocals.  So just remember to point your nose in the direction that you would like to see.

For the computer or intermediate distance your eyes need to move down the lens and in a little.  You may find that you need to lift your chin a little if your computer screen is raised.

The reading section of the progressive lens is a bit further down towards the bottom of the lens.  Most people have noted that initially, they need to turn their heads while reading to maintain the clear column of vision in front of their eyes.

The progressive lenses come with an adaption warranty if you are unable to get used to them.*