How do I clean my safety glasses?

How is a pair of safety glasses different from your stock standard pair of spectacles?  Well the quick answer would involve the lens material and the shape and eye coverage of the frame.


To meet Australian and New Zealand standards safety glasses must have lenses made of a high impact material.  The majority has polycarbonate lenses.  They also must have a certain frame depth, side protection and bridge size so that they can provide excellent eye protection, against flying debri.


Employees in many industries are required to wear safety glasses and other PPE to protect themselves on the work site.  In the past safety glasses were uncomfortable and ugly.  The newer safety glasses are more comfortable to wear and have sunglass like designs with wrap around fronts to make them quite stylish.


There are three standards in Australia Low, Medium and High impact safety glasses.  The low impact are great for nurses and some council workers.  While in construction, mining and law enforcement medium impact are required.  High impact safety eyewear involve wearing a full face shield over the medium impact safety glasses.

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