What is the difference between sunglasses and safety glasses?

Why can’t I wear my sunglasses onsite? 

Sunglasses are made to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light damage.  Which means that they have to have 100% UV protection and a certain level of tint, approximately 80% to meet Australian standards.  They have no regulations regarding lens thickness, frame rigidity or fitting.

Safety glasses on the other had have to undergo very rigorous testing and design.  So that they completely protect the eye socket and the eye itself.  This is completed by having a narrow bridge width, side shields or wrap around frame with side protection.  Ballistic tested medium impact lenses and a frame made of robust material.

Standard sunglasses come with no warranty regarding eye safety and were not designed with your eyes’ safety in mind.  Prescription safety glasses for example that meet 1337.6 Australian and New Zealand safety standards.  Safety glasses have a bridge no wider than 15mm, lens centre thickness of ?mm or greater and side protection.

Safety glasses also need to have undergone SAI Global testing to obtain their certification.  Have your sunglasses undergone the same testing and design, the answer is no.

Sunglasses are designed to protect you from the sun or be fashionable, not to protect your eyes from flying debris or chemical splashes.

Another benefit for wearing certified prescription safety glasses versus sunglasses is that they come with a $20 million dollar fail safe warranty.  Standard sunglasses do not come with a comparable warranty.

For your peace of mind, there is no comparison.  If you care about your vision and want to protect it, you need quality certified safety glasses that fit well, are comfortable and enable clear vision.

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