Wonderful news for the high myopes (short-sighted) people

I have wonderful news for those really short sighted people, that need to wear medium impact certified prescription safety glasses.  Rx Safety’s lab have the ability to create certified medium impact prescription that go up to -10.00DS.  Rather than the -6.00DS that is the case for our other 3 supplying labs.

What this means to you is that, if you choose one of the Ugly Fish frame range or an Onguard.  Then we should be able to have your prescription fitted so long as it is under -10DS, and the glasses would still be certified medium impact not just compliant.

This is very exciting news, as we haven’t had anything for the high myopes.  Other than the prescription inserts that sit in behind the safety frame.  So for those of you with prescriptions like -7.00DS, -8.00DS, or -9.00DS or any part there of, you can have normal looking and feeling prescription safety glasses.

An example of some of the prescription frames available include Ugly Fish Twister, Ugly Fish Cannon, Ugly Fish Whirlwind, and Onguard Leader 220s.  So you can have the stylish safety glasses frames, with your prescription and not have lenses in front of other lenses.  Resulting in better clarity of vision, along with the reduced weight by only having a single lens, so comfort is even better.

So get set and order your new certified medium impact prescription glasses online.  Please note you will have to contact us as the drop down menus only go up to -4.00.

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