Hello 2022 from Safety Glasses Online

Well, we have all made it to 2022 and it already feels like we have had to battle.  With both the weather and COVID acting against us.  As the COVID case numbers were rising rapidly across Australia, we decided to return to work a bit earlier than planned.  This was so that we can help as much as possible.


The core belief behind the formation of Safety Glasses Online was to make a difference.  We aim to make a significant impact on the incidence of accidental eye injury.   By providing reasonably priced quality eye protection and increased accessibility by being online and available 24/7.  Focusing particularly on certified medium impact prescription safety glasses.


Australia’s current situation isn’t ideal, and the personal protection equipment (PPE) requirements are changing daily.  Along with the rules of what we can and cannot do, which makes it difficult to stay on top of everything.


We will provide information as it becomes available, but even we find it difficult to keep up with the hourly changes even within our profession.  (We are lucky to receive emails from the Optometry Association updating us on the level of PPE required for each area).  But I know that not every profession has this help or understanding of their legal requirements.


So, what can you do to keep yourself and your staff safe?  Well, in normal circumstances you need to provide PPE that will keep yourself and your staff safe (this is a legal requirement) or you can be held liable for any injury that they receive while at work.  The level of PPE required depends on the job you are completing.


For example, construction and mining require medium impact protection.  Depending on the role this may change to positively sealed safety glasses, face shields, or safety goggles.  Otherwise, the certified medium impact has been fine.  Nowadays this may be upgraded to safety goggles with a full seal and a face shield or one of those.  Depending on whether your site can be sealed, and you can work on your own or the construction is happening on an existing home with residents present (say for insurance claims for example).


Paramedics and firefighters have found that their PPE requirements have also changed (this is dependent on which state you are located).  Victorian paramedics and firefighters have been told that if they wear prescription glasses then they need to have prescription safety glasses.  As standard glasses are not considered enough protection against the new viruses.


Possibly, due to these viruses are able to enter our systems through mucus membranes like those which occur within our eyelids.  Safety glasses as a rule tend to cover the whole eye socket, providing much better protection than normal glasses.  Safety goggles have a complete seal which is why they tend to be a better option to keep air-born particles away from your eyes.  But they can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and many safety goggles have different venting systems that can make the seal pointless or the safety goggles impossible to clean.


Please consider fogging when you are purchasing your eyewear PPE.  In many of the situations that you are required to wear PPE, fogging of lenses is a problem.  Ask anyone that has been wearing a mask and glasses or sunglasses what they think about lenses fogging up if you haven’t encountered this problem yet.  It can be quite debilitating.  Anti-fog coatings are available on many prescription safety lenses and some safety glasses.  For example, the Bolle Rush Plus has a platinum coating that has anti-fog included.  There are many other options, but it is best to choose your safety glasses with your needs in mind.


When you are choosing the fit of your safety glasses (particularly the prescription models) refer to the additional information tab for their sizing in millimeters.  It is always best to try and match your current glasses’ dimensions.  By doing this you can be much more confident that you have made the right size and frame selection.

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