Health Funds – Use it or Lose it!


Health Funds- do you belong to one?  If so do you have extras? If you do did you know that you might be able to claim back some of your prescription safety glasses from your health fund?

We have a list on the website of all of the health fund that we are registered with for prescription safety glasses.  If you are like me and do belong to a health fund you know that the premiums keep rising and the return doesn’t always come along with an increase in cost.

So if you are like me and want to get the best return on that investment.  Then don’t forget to claim your optical limit for the year.  As the health funds don’t give you extra the following year if you haven’t claimed.  The vast majority of the health fund work on a calendar year and if you haven’t made a claim for your Optical extras by the 31st of December then you are saying goodbye to that optical benefit for the year.

The good news is that you have ample time to get your eyes tested and place your orders.  Another note that you might like to know is that you can place your orders up to the 31st of December as it is the date on the receipt that is important for your health funds.

Another surprise that you will be happy to learn is that you needn’t worry about how to put the numbers in the prescription form as we require you to email through a copy of your prescription before we get them started for you.

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