Health care providers – we can make urgent prescription safety glasses.

If you are a health care worker and need prescription eye protection in a hurry.  You will be relieved to hear, that we are able access certified medium impact prescription safety glasses within a few days.

We have been told by one of our labs that they are able to do express orders for Health care workers.  That way they are  doing their part to help keep us all safe.

Over the next few days we will be updating the range to include an option should you be a health care provider and need new prescription safety glasses.  So that we are able to get them completed as quickly as possible.

We have been advised they are thinking that they will be able to process simple orders (such as single vision hard/coated lenses) within 2 days.  But please factor in that we still have to get them dispatched to you.

But all told, you should be able to get them within a week.  If you need special coatings such as anti-reflective then you need to add another day to the processing time.

Here is a list of the frames that are available in a hurry:

Cummings Optical models 108, 200, 202, 207, 333, 360, 404, 525

Cummings Optical I-Armour

Uvex Meteor

ASW Glacier

ASW Point Break

ASW Trifecta

Ugly Fish Cannon

Ugly Fish Sparkie

Ugly Fish Twister

Ugly Fish Warhead

Ugly Fish Whirlwind

Onguard OG220

Onguard OGO220FS (Full Seal)

Onguard 210



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