Having trouble finding comfortable safety glasses to fit your large nose?

Safety glasses for large noses

If you have a large nose you may have found that safety glasses tend to sit quite snuggly on your nose. The reason for this is that safety standards are such that bridge widths have to be narrow so that things can’t easily get between the frame and your nose to get into your eyes.

So what do you do with a roman type nose? Well there are safety glasses that have adjustable nose pads at the back of the frame and you may find these more comfortable to wear.

A way around this uncomfortable feeling at your nose would be to choose a frame with adjustable nose pads behind the frame front. Or choose a frame that can be adjusted to fit your head like the Uvex super fit.

Uvex has super fit safety glasses that are renowned for being able to fit any head shape. Within the prescription range there are a number of frames with the adjustable nose pads. All of the older style spectacle safety glasses have standard nose pads that can be adjusted just like your normal eye glasses. While many of the plastic frames have attached adjustable rubber nose bridges that are adjustable. An example of this type of frame would be the Matador Mojo or Eyres Foreman, though there are many more options.

It is always best to pick a frame that is comfortable to wear, as potentially you will be wearing your safety glasses for an extended period.

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