Having problems when ordering your prescription safety glasses?

For the vast majority of the population there will be no problem for them to order their prescription safety glasses. (The numbers on their prescriptions are easy to match, the drop down options). 


Though understanding the numbers written on the prescription can be confusing.  (we can help contact us with any questions)  Even if you find it simple to transpose your prescription in the website – we do advise you to email us a copy so that we can double check that you entered everything correctly. We can also explain your prescription and advise on lens options.  For example +/- signs are really important.


Now for the people who find that their prescription numbers aren’t listed (ie those with higher prescriptions).  As in they are larger than those available in the drop down menus.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t order prescription safety glasses.  The website was set up this way as the higher prescriptions need to contact us to ask if their frame choice would be suitable as higher prescriptions have certain requirements. 


For example if your prescription is over -6.00DS then most of the prescription safety glasses are not suitable (None of the Bolle, Matador or Cummings Optical are available).  You can use the safety frames with the prescription (Rx) insert.  We can fit your prescription in those inserts as well.  Though the website doesn’t have prices listed for these frames with prescription lenses as there are too many options.  If you are interested in these products contact us for a quote.

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