Have you been notified of change in your eyewear PPE requirements?

As the third wave of COVID hits Australia many industries have headed back into the higher protective levels of PPE requirements for their staff.  This I would assume is to keep their staff safe and healthy.  As many workplaces are already experiencing staff shortages, and this third wave has only just started by all reports.


So, what can we do to keep ourselves safe?  The easy answer is by wearing the appropriate PPE for your situation.  An example of this is for medical staff to be wearing prescription safety goggles or positively sealed safety glasses with an anti-fog coating.  As this is the best way to keep airborne particles out of your eyes and enable you to see as clearly as possible.


Please consider your face shape and size when ordering your safety glasses.  For example, ordering a large frame with a petite face.  You aren’t going to experience a snug or comfortable fit.  While making sure they are the right size and weight for your face – so that they are comfortable wearing for the whole day.  We have the dimensions of the frames listed in the additional information tab half way down the page on the left for each of the frames displayed.


The latest on the news stated that both Victoria and Queensland have around 900 people hospitalised with COVID as of today.  These rates are expecting this to rise soon.  But it isn’t just COVID that is a problem now.  There are the traditionally winter concerns of the influenza or colds, as well as any other opportunistic viruses or bacteria.


I also recommend that you get your orders in as soon as possible, as the laboratories are under high demand and are having the same problems that most businesses have which is lack of staff due to illness.  So far, the couriers have been unaffected, and deliveries are happening as scheduled.  But being realistic I think we should expect supply to be affected over the next month or so.


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