Get your safety glasses orders in before the end of the finacial year.

The end of the financial year is fast approaching.  Do you need new safety glasses?  If so it might be time to get your orders in so that you have another claimable deduction.  That being said it is always best double check with your accountant eligibility.


Alternatively, if you belong to one of the health funds that works calendar year.  Well no doubt you would have heard this phrase previously, ‘use it or loose it’.  It has never been truer than when related to health funds.  The majorities of health funds re-zero yearly and do not give you a bonus if you do not use your optical allocation.


So if you have one of the health funds that works financial rather than calendar year then you had better get your prescription safety glasses/sunglasses or sports glasses underway.


Don’t forget we have stylish safety glasses that can double as sunglasses or even floating glasses for those that love the water eg. Eyres Mistral.


The moral of the story is get your orders in before the 30th of June to keep both your accountant and family happy; as you are protecting your vision and wallet.

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