I was chatting to a customer yesterday and I learnt about another interesting career.  Fencing; the customer that rang was a fencer (builds fences, not the sport).  He needed prescription safety glasses that completely protected his eye socket, as he was worried about metal strikes, as in the barbed wire flying through the air at speed and hitting him in the face or eye. 


This fellow stated that in his career so far, his safety glasses had saved his eyes twice.  This statement got me wondering how many of us have had a near miss when our glasses have saved our eyes?  Or alternately how many people have had an incident where they wish they had been wearing eye protection?


Speaking for myself there have been many instances in the garden where my sunglasses have saved me from spiky plants, low hanging branches and dust and debris on windy days.  I don’t believe that I am any more accident prone than the next person, which would indicate to me that the average person is quite likely to have at least one serious accident or near miss when it comes to their eyes.


In my career I have to dig metal, organic mater and other things out of peoples eyes weekly.  I have seen eyes that have been pecked by birds, had timber splinters, glass and squirted by ammonia in patients eyes to name but a few of the more memorable.


This makes it even more important that you have the right eye protection for the task at hand.  That may mean a variety of options; you can’t cook a gourmet meal without using more than one kitchen implement (for the most part – Thermomixes excluded.)


I don’t believe that you can weld, mow and sand timber and work under ground with the same pair of safety glasses.


Please protect you vision and order eye protection today.