//Farmers are you sick of taking your readers on and off? Read on for a solution.

Farmers are you sick of taking your readers on and off? Read on for a solution.

Calling all farmers. Are you sick of not being able to read the screens in the tractor and see the distance without putting on your reading glasses? Well read on, we might have something that could help.

I was chatting to a farmer earlier today who loves the Eyres bifocal reading magnifiers and this is why. He is driving a larger tractor during seeding and harvesting and needs help to see the screens. But if he puts his reading glasses on, he can’t see in the distance and it really annoying to have to change between two constantly.

He also mentioned they were really handy for night driving.

The Eyres bifocal readers are available in both clear and tinted lenses and various magnifications between +1.00 and +3.00. The Eyres models with the bifocal reading segments are 312Rx and the 103.

Please be aware that the tinted lenses grey for the 103 and light blue for the 312Rx are always tinted and therefore not suitable for low light conditions.

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  1. Jeff March 20, 2018 at 2:46 am - Reply

    Last seeding when I dimmed the screen, the safety glasses went straight on and stayed there until the end of shift. Its also handy to be able to see what I am grinding etc in the shed and I have the safety of impact resistant lenses. After trying a couple of types I have settled on the Eyres 103 as they are comfortable and I find them easier to use the reader lens. The Eyres also seem fairly durable. Jeff

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