Frequently Asked Questions

In our daily lives, our eyes are constantly exposed to various risks and potential injuries. Protecting our vision should be a top priority, as our eyes play a crucial role in experiencing the world around us. By understanding the most common types of eye injuries and taking proactive measures, we can effectively prevent them. Let’s explore these common eye injuries and discover persuasive ways to prevent them:

Corneal Abrasion: Corneal abrasions occur when the surface of the eye’s protective layer is scratched or scraped. To prevent this, always wear protective eyewear when engaging in activities that pose a risk of flying particles, such as woodworking or sports. Safety goggles or glasses with side shields are essential tools for safeguarding your eyes.

Chemical Burns: Chemical substances like cleaning solutions, solvents, or acids can cause severe damage to the eyes. When handling such substances, wear appropriate eye protection like goggles or a face shield. Furthermore, read and follow instructions on labels carefully, and ensure proper ventilation in areas where chemicals are used.

Foreign Objects: Small particles, such as wood chips, metal fragments, or dust, can easily enter the eye and cause irritation or injury. Wearing safety glasses or goggles, particularly in high-risk environments like construction sites or workshops, acts as a barrier against these foreign objects. Avoid rubbing your eyes if you feel something inside; instead, rinse your eyes gently with clean water and seek medical attention if necessary.

UV Radiation: Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can lead to long-term damage to the eyes, including cataracts and macular degeneration. To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, wear sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection. Look for sunglasses labeled with UV400 or “100% UV protection” to ensure maximum safety.

Eye Strain: In today’s digital age, eye strain has become increasingly common due to excessive screen time. To prevent this, practice the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Additionally, adjust the brightness and contrast of your screens, maintain proper lighting in your workspace, and consider using computer glasses with blue-light filters.

Sports Injuries: Participating in sports increases the risk of eye injuries, such as blunt trauma, impact from balls or equipment, or accidental collisions. To protect your eyes during sports activities, wear appropriate protective gear like helmets with face shields or goggles specifically designed for the sport you’re playing. Encourage others to prioritise eye safety as well by raising awareness and advocating for proper protective measures.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to protecting your eyes. By incorporating these preventive measures into your daily routine and advocating for eye safety, you can ensure the well-being of your vision and inspire others to do the same. Stay proactive, stay protected, and keep your eyes healthy for a lifetime of clear vision and vivid experiences.

If you have a larger head, you know all about the difficulties finding comfortable frames. Let along comfortable prescription safety frames (where the vast majority of Optometrist only have a small selection). If this is, you then I have good news.

You will be very happy to know that we have quite a few options of prescription safety frames available for you. That is even stylish and comfortable to wear.

Be the envy of all your colleagues wearing both stylish and comfortable frames (that fit). Here are some of the new options available for the larger heads from Bolle and Ugly Fish:

Bolle Klassee
Bolle Xtra
Bolle Kurt

Ugly Fish Cyclone
Ugly Fish Glock
Ugly Fish Harpoon

All of these new frames are plastic and are stylish and comfortable to wear. If you prefer metal frames then the large options are only available in the AS PSG as the rest are smaller eye sizes.

All of the new frames are suitable for progressive, single-vision, and bifocal lenses. Photochromatic/transition options or even a constant sunglass tint (be it polarised or not).

Isn’t it fantastic to have options? Chatting to a recent customer he was blown away by finding any that fit comfortably. Let alone having options. It took him a while to make the final decision as two different Bolle frames were comfortable and fit well. He kept changing his mind between the frames as they were both so comfortable.

So, if you have a large noggin and need prescription safety glasses, we have you covered. Don’t forget to refer to the frame dimensions and relate them back to your current glasses. That way you can be assured of a comfortable fit.

Visit Safety Glasses Online and use the filters to find your perfect eyewear ppe.

This was a question that occurred to me.  Why would I spend additional money on my prescription safety glasses to have them engraved?

But after talking to a radiologist I completely understand why it is necessary and should be considered when ordering your prescription safety glasses or radiation protection specs.

Say for example you work in a location such as a hospital that all of the staff need to wear eye protection and the frame choices are minimal.  Or the safety glasses are expensive.  Or safety glasses tend to get stolen or borrowed.  If any of these situations sound like you, then you should really consider having your safety glasses engraved to make theft and loss a thing of the past.

With your name engraved down one of the temples, it is unlikely that anyone will get confused about who the glasses belong to.  This is especially important with respect to radiation protection glasses as they are quite expensive.

Another example would be on a construction or mine site where the frame selection for your prescription safety glasses frames are slim, meaning that many of your fellow workers will be wearing the same frame.  To prevent confusion over who’s specs are whose it is so much easier to have your name on them so there is no confusion.

So to answer the question, the pros to having your glasses engraved include:

  • theft is much less likely
  • loss of your glasses is much less likely
  • easy recognition of your own glasses
  • no confusion should your work only have a could of frame options

Please note that the laser engraving isn’t available on all frame types.  It will be listed as an option on the frames that it is available for.

During this strange and stressful time, it is important to know that you and your staff are safe.  By using contactless purchasing options, you can be confident that you are limiting your exposure to any germs or viruses that may be about.  Purchasing eye protection through Safety Glasses Online, you can be confident that you getting quality eye protection safely.  As you are able to make your eye protection purchases contactless.

What is a contactless purchase?  A contactless purchase is a purchase that enables you to have no contact with people to make the purchase.  Thereby limiting your exposure and contact to any viruses or germs at the location.   During the current climate and moving forward contactless purchasing is desirable and should always be the first option.

You are able to purchase certified prescription safety glasses, safety glasses, safety goggles, and face shields through contactless means on Safety Glasses Online.  This means that you place your order online in the safety of your own home or business and have the eye protection products sent directly to you.

What if you aren’t tech-savvy and don’t like to purchase online.  We are here to help, you can call us and we can process your order for you, and being over the phone it is still a contactless purchase.  Alternatively, you can email us with your details and what you would like, should you not have time or access to a phone or technology during business hours.  Being an online business you can place your order when it is convenient for you, even if that is 1 am in the morning.

Safety Glasses Online makes eye protection purchasing as safe and stress-free as possible.  We have clear safety glasses, safety goggles, face shields, and prescription safety glasses available and ready to dispatch.  Certified prescription safety glasses are available with a super quick turn around for people working as a  health care provider.  If you require this service you need to let us know and we can advise on the range of frames and lens options that are available to be turned around in a couple of days.  All certified prescription safety glasses conform to Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 1337.6 standard.  Our standard safety glasses conform to medium impact certification for Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS 1337.1.2010.

Safety Glasses Online’s website enables you to purchase for personal protection equipment online safely.  Safety Glasses Online is an Australian owned and operated business, that was founded by Optometrists.

Ordering your new safety glasses through Safety Glasses Online couldn’t be easier.  Firstly, if you are ordering prescription safety glasses you will need a recent prescription (within the last 12 months) – so visit your local optometrist if necessary.

Then you need to browse the extensive range of certified safety glasses to find the pair that suits you and your requirements.  We have included pricing, gender and brand guides to give you a place to start.  Once you have selected your new frame style you need to choose the lens options.  If you get stuck; for example  you don’t know what your prescription means and have no idea whether you need single vision, bifocals, or progressive/multifocal lenses – you need to visit our lens information page.  If you still have no idea email or fax us your prescription and we will advise you of your options.

If you are really stuck and don’t know your way around the computer.  Don’t worry we have a fax order form or you can alternatively have one of our helpful staff walk you through each step over the phone.

So you have selected single vision (which is no extra cost) for example, then you have the option of making them polarized, transition (photo-chromatic) and of having extra coatings.  If you are just after the bog standard simple clear pair of safety glasses then you select no extras and be on your way to loading in your prescription details and ticking off the T&C’s.

Once you have completed your order, and payment is received (Shipping is no extra charge for orders over $150 Australian), we will get your glasses underway and for the majority of orders we will dispatch them to your postal address within 10 working days.

If you need to change your order it is best to contact us straight away. Via phone or email, works best. 


As the majority of prescription safety glasses orders will be started within 24 hours, if you contact us after the lenses have been started you may incur an additional charge to cover the cost of the remake of the lenses.  Having said that, it is still best to pick up any mistakes that you may have made early as things can be fixed much more easily.

Our safety glasses are either made of polycarbonate, triology or trivex, or phoenix material.  All are high impact plastics that can withstand the ballistic testing.  All of the plastic used are higher index plastic to make them as impact resistant as possible.

Before you ask: No, we cannot make your prescription safety glasses with glass lenses, even though they are more scratch resistant.  Please understand that glass lenses aren’t safe, even with chemical hardening, against high-speed projectiles, or even repeated dropping.

All of the non-prescription safety glasses have polycarbonate lenses – as they are bullet proof.  Therefore making them bullet proof, the same as the prescription safety glasses.

After your order has been completed and payment has been received.

Non-prescription safety glasses will be dispatched within a week.  Your account will be updated with tracking information and you will receive email notification of your orders dispatch and the tracking information.

Prescription safety glasses manufacturing time is dependent on what you have ordered.  The majority of orders will be dispatched within 10 working days of the order being completed.  Matador safety glasses take between 2-3 weeks to be completed and Eyres brand prescription safety glasses take up to 3 weeks to be completed.  Please bear in mind that the optical labs used are within Australia and only operate Monday-Friday and not on holidays.

Once you safety glasses have been completed your order will be updated within your account and you will receive an email with postal tracking information for your glasses.

You can either try before you buy, or match your existing glasses measurements.

When choosing new safety glasses you have a couple of options.

You can choose a pair that you have had previously that fit well, or even make those glasses dimensions.  To know the size of your current glasses (they don’t have to be safety, they can be your normal glasses), read the markings on the inside of the arm/temple the bit that goes over your ear.  The numbers are something like this 52-19 (this tells you the lens diameter and nasal bridge width.)  So you can match your current measurements to those of the frames available.

Alternatively you can choose to have a small selection of frames sent out to you.  This feature does incur a charge for administration and a deposit towards the frames – just in case they aren’t returned.  Once the frames are returned and an order created this deposit can be moved as a credit towards this order.

Progressive lenses are also known as multifocal or varifocal lenses, they all have three different prescriptions ground into the lenses and have no lines on the lenses.  For a first time wearer of progressive lenses they can be a bit tricky.  There are a few simple cues to help you to remember how they work.  Firstly if your vision isn’t clear then either your prescription is incorrect or more likely you aren’t looking through the correct section of the lens.  For the distance you are viewing, anything over three meters you need to be using the top part of the lens.  You will note that if you move your eyes too far off center then your vision will be blurry.  Peripheral (or side) vision distortion was the trade off these lenses have made not to have segment lines like bifocals.  So just remember to point your nose in the direction that you would like to see.

For the computer or intermediate distance your eyes need to move down the lens and in a little.  You may find that you need to lift your chin a little if your computer screen is raised.

The reading section of the progressive lens is a bit further down towards the bottom of the lens.  Most people have noted that initially, they need to turn their heads while reading to maintain the clear column of vision in front of their eyes.

The progressive lenses come with an adaption warranty if you are unable to get used to them.*

Once you have your current prescription for glasses (not contact lenses), you need to peruse the extensive selection of safety frame and select the one you would like.  Within the individual order page you need to choose within the lens options select bifocal lens.  Then choose any lens extra you might like to complete your order.  You will also need to input your prescription.  If you need help with this you can always email or fax us your prescription.

We send a sample of the frame you have chosen out to you once the order is completed so that we are certain that the reading segment is set in the correct spot on the lens.

Bifocal lenses have both your distance and reading prescriptions covered within the lens.  The reading section is clearly delineated from the distance portion by a line, generally a inverted D  shape.

You need a copy of your current glasses prescription from your Optometrist/Ophthalmologist.  Next you need to select a safety frame that you would like to have turned into multifocal safety glasses. Once that is completed you need to select the multifocal option within the lens choices.  You can still select various lens extras such as transition/photochromatic on this order screen.  It is possible to have multifocal transition prescription safety glasses with an anti-reflective coating, certified to medium impact Australian standards.

You need to input your prescription within the ordering process.  It is always best to have us verify your prescription has been input correctly by either emailing or faxing a copy of your prescription to us.

Yes, you can.

You can certainly order polarized prescription safety glasses in single vision, bifocal or progressive/multifocal lens types.  Please bear in mind that polarized lenses are tinted like sunglasses all of the time.  Polarised lenses also have 100% UV protection all of the time.

The benefits of having polarized lenses over standard tint and UV sunglasses include decreased glare.  Polarised lenses remove reflected glare so you can see into water and situations that are highly reflective such as snow, sand and water are easier to bear.

Customers have also commented on the ability to wear polarized lenses earlier in the day, until later in the day than normal sunglasses.  Though it should be noted that some LCD screens cannot be viewed with polarized lenses and occasionally you can see a rainbow in mirrored windows.


Yes you most certainly can.

Certainly, you can order transition with your certified prescription safety glasses.  You can choose to have transition/photo-chromatic with single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses.

When you are ordering your safety glasses choose transition from the lens extras.

Transition or photo-chromatic lenses are the ability for the lenses to change colour when they are exposed to UV light.  So when you are out in the sun they go dark like a sunglass lens.  Once the UV light is removed by for example going inside a building they go back to clear.  These lenses always have 100% UV protection regardless of whether they are dark or clear.  It should be noted that they do not change colour very much within a car as most cars have a UV shield in the windscreen.

The newer generation Transition lenses are better than the older designs, the new ones have been manufactured for warmer climates.  They change colour quicker and do go slightly darker in the car than they previously did.

Yes, we can send samples out for you to try.

It is possible to have a sample of the safety frame you are interested in sent out to you to try on.  This option does incur a charge, to cover both the postage and the administration.  There is a deposit kept on the frame, which can be carried over to the subsequent order when the frame is returned.

The cost of postage and admin isn’t carried over to the new order.

When your order is dispatched, we at Safety Glasses Online send you an email to indicate that your order has been completed and is on its way.

We will also provide an Australia Post tracking number.  This number is the number related to the Australia Post parcel on its way to you.  To check where your parcel is when in transit, you need to take this number and type it into the website and it will provide it’s most recent location.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

There are 3 Eyres safety glasses that can come with a clear lens shield for the safety glasses for a low charge.  They are the Eyres Razor Rx, Eyres Foreman and the Eyres Undercover safety glasses prescription.  This short video explains how to attach the lens shields and what additional lens shield options are available.

Yes, you certainly can order graduated safety glasses through Safety Glasses Online.

You just need to have a current prescription (that is less than 2 years old, preferably less than 12 months).  Know which frame you would like to have the graduated lenses fitted into.  Select progressive/multifocal lenses from the drop down menu, during the ordering process.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us and we are more than happy to help you through the ordering process.

Also just for your information: graduated, progressive and multifocal lenses are all exactly the same thing.

No, you do not have to pay Goods and Services Tax on purchases that are made from over seas.

All of the prices listed on the website are including GST and are in Australian dollars.  If you are interested in a particular pair of safety glasses and want to know the price minus the GST take 10% off.  You will need to advise us of your order so that we can amend it for you.

You need the Matador Mojo strap.

It is quite easy and quick to change your Matador Mojo prescription safety glasses into prescription safety goggles.  We have created this short video to show you how it is done.

You just need the correct strap.

It is simple to change your eyres Transformer prescription safety glasses into safety goggles.  We have created a short video to show you how it is done.

Yes, where possible we sell replacement nose-pads.

A customer asked recently if we sell replacement nosepads for his Eyres 708 Razor Rx?  As he had been back to his place of purchase and they said that they were unable to get replacement nose pads, as it voids the warranty.  What a load of baloney – lets set your straight.  Nose pads are a replaceable part of your frame and are known to wear out, much like the tyres on your car.  We purchase our replacement nose-pads directly from the supplier that sells the prescription safety glasses. Replacing the nose pads does not affect your warranty, but it will certainly improve the comfort.

No, you don’t if you don’t want to.

A customer questioned recently if they had to purchase multifocal or progressive lenses if the optometrist had written that on the prescription?  The short answer is, No.  But you should consider why the optometrist wanted you to wear progressive or multifocal lenses.  In the vast majority of cases it is due to the need for a different prescription for viewing the distance as opposed to reading up close.

The fellow that initially posed this question had previously tried multifocal lenses and couldn’t wear them for work.  He did quite a bit of welding and had to get into all sorts of tight spots to weld and found that the near portion of the lens wasn’t where he needed it to be.  In this case a pair of single vision safety glasses made for near would generally be very helpful.  Though you should understand that you will not be able to see clearly in the distance while wearing them.

Yes, we are able to add company branding on your non-prescription safety glasses.

If you place a bulk order and are prepared to wait 60-80 days.  These orders much be paid in advance as they are a speciality order.

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts.

Orders over 300 pairs attract as significant discount.  Contact us for a quote.

No, as we are unable to purchase frame only from the suppliers as they will only certify a complete product.  Therefore we are only able to purchase complete prescription safety glasses, frame and lenses.  We are able to purchase nose pads and gaskets and so forth but not the temples/arms of the frames or the frame separately.

No, unless they are detachable, like the Matador Mojo.

But if you have an accident with your safety glasses within the first year it is worth sending them back to the supplier to see if they can be replaced.  We are unable to purchase large pieces of prescription safety glasses, such as the temples or the frame itself as they would not be certified without the supplier fitting the prescription lenses.

Free shipping on all orders over $150 Australian dollars.  Should you order be under $150 then shipping is a flat rate of $30.

Yes, replacement Mojo temples and Mojo straps are available.  We also have replacement Matador Mojo nose pads too.

No, we are unable to supply prescription safety frames without the prescription lenses fitted.

So, unfortunately we are unable to supply a frame on it’s own, to replace a broken frame.  Or for you to take to your Optometrist to have lenses fitted.  This due to stringent safety standards the prescription lenses must be fitted at time of purchase as they are tested at the same time.  Therefore the labs will not sell any of their prescription safety glasses without lenses.

You can place an order without a PD (pupil distance) written on your prescription.

How do I order my new prescription safety glasses, if my prescription doesn’t have a pupil distance (PD) measurement?

Well, there are a couple of ways you could go about this.  Firstly you could measure it yourself.  Either using a friend or a mirror and a ruler with millimeter graduations.  To use a mirror line the ruler up on your forehead and measure from the outside edge of one pupil to the inside edge of the pupil in the opposite eye.  A friend could do the same thing facing you.

Alternatively you could take a photo with a ruler or tape measure on your forehead above your eyes and email it to us and we can work it out for you.

Yes, your certified prescription safety glasses – come with certification and stamp in the frame.  The lenses also come etched.

No, all safety glasses have attached side shields, that are not removable.

I had a person enquire about buying side shields, to attach to their own prescription safety glasses.  Unfortunately we are no longer able to purchase attachable side shields as Australian Standards dictate that the frame and the lens undergo certification at the same time.